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According to a survey, there are four personality types that are associated with four different lipstick colors.
. If you wear red lipstick…
Ladies who go for this classic shade come off as creative and daring.

You’re adventurous and confident, ready to take on the world, and won’t let anyone or anything slow your roll.

People who wear red lipstick are the most likely to be the extroverted partier who also likes to keep in shape by putting in time at the gym.

. If you wear pink lipstick…
This lighter shade is associated with sociable and fun people, but don’t underestimate these gals!

You’re the kind of person who’s attractive — not just in looks but in personality, and people love to be around you.

These pink lip-wearers are very powerful; most senior executives opt for this shade over plums or nudes.
I tend to pick my lipstick shade based on the season, although I’ll occasionally stray from that if my outfit calls for it.

In warmer months, I opt for a bold red rip; in the colder months, it gets replaced by a darker plum.

But according to a new study, your lip color indicates much more than the temperature outside: it actually can give you insight into the inner workings of your personality (who knew?)

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