A mother who raises her children alone

Those conducting the service are expected to refrain from food for at least 12 hours prior to conducting the rituals.

The bread and wine are prepared by one of the deacons in the church’s courtyard in a small building known as the Bethlehem.
Along with the value of sleep, one of the first lessons new mothers encounter is patience. Infants cry, toddlers slobber, and older children push your boundaries. However, it can be challenging for young children to learn patience, especially when adults find it difficult to practice it. Being patient as a mother is crucial, even on the most challenging days when your toddler is obviously impatient. It will not only assist you in modeling “good behavior” for your child, but it will also enable you to deal with them in a mature manner. It takes practice to develop patience. One of the simplest ways to give your child a sense of security is consistency, but it’s also one of the hardest things for parents to practice. We aspire to be the ideal parents. a humorous parent. the sympathetic parent. Children make errors. Also, parents do. Good mothers pardon their children. The best mothers are those who teach their children a lesson while also forgiving them. Parenting with Love and Logic, one of my favorite parenting books, offers advice on how to teach your children lessons naturally. It relieves parents of the need to punish because children will naturally learn the consequences of their actions (obviously,
The southern door is reserved for women only yet men can sometimes use it. The northern and eastern doors are reserved for men and women cannot use them.

Those who feel themselves to be “unclean” will remain in the courtyard.

The area of the church immediately outside and its walls are also considered sacred and standing close to the area is considered attending church.

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