I am happy now that I am free from the difficult life

Feeling supported by your family is one of the most important elements of building strong family bonds. Bonds like these will last your kids a lifetime.

To create a sense of support, encourage everyone to learn what is important to their family members and to do their best to support each other through the good and the bad times. Everyone in the family should feel empowered to share good news as well as bad and receive a loving response.

The goal is for everyone in the family to rejoice together when things go well, and commiserate when things do not go as planned. When families feel supported, getting through hard times becomes much easier.
family meetings are a good time for everyone to check in with each other, air grievances, or discuss future plans. For instance, a family meeting is a good time to talk about an upcoming day trip, family vacation, or how you to plan to complete chores next weekend.

These meetings can be scheduled events on your family calendar, or you can make them impromptu and allow any member of the family to call a meeting if they feel the need. Family meetings also can be used to set family goals.

Start each of these meetings by reading your family mission statement. If you have a large family, begin by asking if anyone has an issue or an item for the agenda. Write down what everyone wants to talk about and go through them one by one.

You may need to establish some guidelines for the meeting, like setting a time limit for each agenda item and implementing a “no talking” rule when someone else has the floor.

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