6 things you should know when drinking coffee with milk

Roughly 4 to 5% of cow’s milk comprises complex fats. Adding milk to coffee increases the latter beverage’s fat content.

Milk consists of proteins such as casein and whey. They give lattes and cappuccinos their signature taste. The protein content of coffee will increase if you add cow’s milk or creamer.
Contrary to popular belief, regular intake of coffee with milk enhances your health to some extent. However, it’s not always the best drink.

Why You Should Drink Coffee with Milk
. Add milk if your body has high acid levels
Those with high acidity shouldn’t take too much coffee, mainly if it’s black because it has a high PH level. Black coffee also heightens uric acid. Adding milk reduces the acidity. Note that you should take in water and vegetables to quicken the process.
People worry that coffee drinking results in esophageal cancer. Many of us know that black coffee burns the esophageal tissue, which, in turn, promotes malignancy. Milk decreases the temperature of the coffee and prevents this.

. Drink lattes in the evening
Black coffee gives you the surge of energy you need. You’ll get more clarity since milk doesn’t have any effect. Note, however, that drinking it in the evenings will compound your insomnia. Take coffee with milk if you don’t want to disrupt your sleep pattern. Just ignore the extra 50 calories that come with it.
Lab analysis shows that milk consists of different fats. Milk-fat globules prevent it from degrading enzymes give it an off-taste. A study found that people who drank coffee with full-cream milk consumed 69 more calories daily than those who drank black coffee. In short, you may end up gaining weight if you add milk to your coffee.

. Black, not white coffee, enhances memory
Growing older means decreased cognitive skills and increased risk of Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a natural and unwanted consequence of aging. Coffee lovers should know that that it’s drinking black, and not milk with coffee in the morning that improves mental cognition.

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