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Mental attraction is the type of attraction that usually manifests in behavior and how you present yourself to the world. Attractive women are usually associated with confidence and kindness. Some men specifically cited sarcasm and wit as indicators of whether or not they find a woman attractive. Both of these seemed to indicate that women were playful and fun-loving rather than serious and grim.

There are three basic types of attraction that men and women utilize to determine who will make a good mate-whether that mate lasts for a matter of hours or goes the distance in a long-term relationship or marriage. A woman’s attractiveness is measured by scales developed and encouraged by societal and evolutionary impulses. Still, it can also be colored by her would-be partner’s background, history with women and relationships, and even his family of origin.

What makes a woman attractive is not a simple one to answer; no single hair color, eye color, skin tone, or personality type will always indicate the presence of attraction. Instead, women who appear open, kind, and good-humored seem to be seen as attractive consistently. Women possess physical characteristics common to youth and fertility, such as full lips, plump skin, and a small waist. Even so, though, these ideals can change with cultural shifts and evolutionary needs, making it impossible to pin down a single example of an attractive woman.

While society perpetuates harmful ideas of what the ‘perfect woman’ should look like, remember that these standards are unrealistic, failing to account for the diversity of existing bodies. Instead of focusing on a single set of physical characteristics, remember that many factors contribute to attractiveness. Instead of striving to change yourself to become what society deems ‘attractive,’ think about how you might accentuate your best traits and display confidence in who you are.

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